Lin Cong

I am a Research Assistant in Computer Science at TAMS. My primary research interests lie in the intersection of AI and physics simulator. I started my academic career from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2014. Under the guidance of Prof. Jianwei Zhang, I earned my Ph.D. in 2022 from Universit of Hamburg. Beyond my academic endeavors, I have a keen interest in crafting science and engineering projects in my spare time, which are displayed in the 'Leisure Pursuit' section.

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Dec 2023 Presented our paper on SIGGRAPH ASIA in Sydney.
Sep 2023 One paper on human motion reconstruction accepted to SIGGRAPH ASIA.
Aug 2023 Honored to win the second prize (9/5705 submissions globally) in HICOOL 2023, and receive a landing reward of $150,000.
Aug 2023 Honored to win the second prize in China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition, and receive a cash reward of $8000.
Feb 2023 One paper on object manipulation in simulation accepted to ICRA 2023. See you in London!
Jan 2023 One paper on sim-to-real skills transfer accepted to Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems.
Apr 2022 One paper on multimodal reinforcement learning in simulation accepted to RA-L and will be presented on ICRA.
Feb 2022 One paper on visual reinforcement learning for sim-to-real transfer accepted to Frontiers in Neurorobotics.
Oct 2021 One paper on self-supervised attention learning to ROBIO.
July 2020 One paper on skills learning and sim-to-real transfer accepted to IROS. See you in Las Vegas!
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Selected Publications

My research endeavors are centered around robotics simulation and deep reinforcement learning, with a specialized focus on 3D physics engine. Below is a curated list of my scholarly works.

Efficient Human Motion Reconstruction from Monocular Videos with Physical Consistency Loss
Lin Cong*, Philipp Ruppel*, Xiang Pan, Yizhou Wang, Norman Hendrich, Jianwei Zhang   (*Equal Contribution)
Siggraph Asia, 2023
project page | paper | video | code
Reinforcement Learning Based Pushing and Grasping Objects from Ungraspable Poses
Hao Zhang, Hongzhuo Liang, Lin Cong, Jianzhi Lyu, Long Zeng, Pingfa Feng, Jianwei Zhang
ICRA, 2023
project page | arXiv | video
A Sim-to-Real Learning-Based Framework for Contact-Rich Assembly by Utilizing CycleGAN and Force Control
Yunlei Shi, Chengjie Yuan, Athanasios Tsitos, Lin Cong, Hamid Hadjar, Zhaopeng Chen, Jianwei Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive and Developmental Systems, 2023
paper | video
Reinforcement learning with vision-proprioception model for robot planar pushing
Lin Cong, Hongzhuo Liang, Philipp Ruppel, Yunlei Shi, Michael Görner, Norman Hendrich, Jianwei Zhang
Frontiers in Neurorobotics, 2022
project page | paper | video
Multifingered grasping based on multimodal reinforcement learning
Lin Cong*, Hongzhuo Liang* Norman Hendrich, Shuang Li, Fuchun Sun, Jianwei Zhang   (*Equal Contribution)
RA-L & presented at ICRA, 2022
project page | paper | video
Self-supervised Attention Learning for Robot Control
Lin Cong, Yunlei Shi, Jianwei Zhang
ROBIO, 2021
project page | paper
Self-adapting recurrent models for object pushing from learning in simulation
Lin Cong, Michael Görner, Philipp Ruppel, Hongzhuo Liang, Norman Hendrich, Jianwei Zhang
IROS, 2020
project page | paper | video
Active disturbance rejection control based human gait tracking for lower extremity rehabilitation exoskeleton
Yi Long, Zhijiang Du, Lin Cong, Weidong Wang, Zhiming Zhang, Wei Dong
ISA Transactions, 2017
Leisure Pursuit

Beyond academic research, my interests span a diverse range of fields. This includes delving into the world of hardware, where I explore sensors and circuit boards, immersing myself in the realm of Virtual Reality (VR) equipment, experimenting with game engines, and even crafting my own robots.

IMU based real time whole body motion tracking system
Lin Cong
Spare time project, 2022
project page
Spot-mini inspired quadrupedal robot design and remote control system
Lin Cong
Spare time project, 2022
project page
Can we teleoperate a robot system with VR headset in simulation?
Lin Cong
Spare time project, 2021
project page | code

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